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Who, What, Where are the TechnoAmish?
Who, What, Where are the TechnoAmish?

Who, What, Where are the TechnoAmish?

To be described as TechnoAmish is a mindset more than any group, place or organisation. TechnoAmish is not a religion or a strange cult, it uses the name Amish because they shun a lot of government methods to organise society not because of Amish religious beliefs.

The word Techno is because the TechnoAmish like technology unlike the Amish who mostly don’t endorse any gadgets or helpful machinery at all. TechnoAmish don’t like dangerous technology just the utilities that help mankind not kill them. The TechnoAmish have a few similarities with the gypsies and travellers of the world in that they form close knit communities who will stand up for each other when bullied, suppressed, coerced or threatened. Have you ever wondered why the police tend to stay away from gypsy and traveller camps it’s because they know these groups defend each other.

Note I didn’t say they attack the police I said defend.

TechnoAmish are freedom and peace loving but they don’t take crap from bullies or any type especially governments who con whole populations into thinking they have power and authority over them. TechnoAmish for now at least live among society without being a part of it. They use the parts they know rightfully belong to them because like you their ancestors built the structures of the countries they live in therefore they own what their forefathers built for them. So you will see TechnoAmish on the roads and working around the rest of society but over time they plan on having little or no contact with government enslaved societies. TechnoAmish know that human society is dividing in two.

The government enslaved will gradually not be male or female or even be able to reproduce outside of a laboratory. Their level of technology will be attached or inside their bodies and their government masters will control every aspect of their lives even their thoughts. The government enslaved are taught to think the TechnoAmish are crude, unsophisticated, unhappy and quite savage. Government enslaved will own nothing live off government credits awarded for their contribution to the hive society and they will be taught to believe they are happy. The last scientific fact of the government enslaved is that they are no longer human they are hybrid synthetic humans with built in technology. The TechnoAmish on the other hand are the free folk and the only remaining humans on this earth. They feel compassion for their lost cousins in the government smart cities, because they are lost forever no longer human. The TechnoAmish have sophisticated un-hackable incorruptible monetary systems, a capable defence force, their own supply chains, safe healthcare, highly successful education systems, strong adherence to Common Law which creates communities based on cooperation. Government enslaved infiltrators in the early days tried to paint the early TechnoAmish as having a romantic unworkable utopia however the realisation of the first working communities made the infiltrators drop back into their smart cities where they were taught that the TechnoAmish had descended into caveman like savagery and the division of humanity became permanent.

So if you don’t care very much for government fake control, you are against police states, you rail against excessive bureaucracy you dislike the way education is leaning, then you could have a TechnoAmish streak in you? A word of caution is study the contents of this site quickly because as quickly as the TechnoAmish are “circling the wagons” around their communities the governments of the world equally are encircling their own enslaved and asleep “citizens” to entrap them permanently in their great reset agenda. Therefore you don’t want to be left deciding you’d rather be TechnoAmish after the doors are closed.

Watch all the videos on this site and follow the links they take you towards, then you decide which type of human you want for yourself and your children.